Basepaws Cat DNA Test

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The Future of the Cat DNA Test Is Here!

What if we had a way of understanding the breeds and traits that make up mixed-breed cats – especially those that are adopted from shelters and whose parentage is unknown? This would give us the chance to help cats live longer, healthier lives. And it just so happens that the Basepaws Cat DNA Test can do just that!

A simple saliva test is all you need to find out why your feline companions do what they do, what breed groups and breeds they are closest to, and if there are any health issues to be concerned about – all through genetics. Totally paw-some, right?
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Why Get Your Cat’s DNA Sequenced?

Be proactive about your cat’s health. Your cats won’t tell you when they’re sick. We test for genetic markers, reporting on mutation carrier status and predisposition to different diseases. Your cat’s DNA can unlock the secrets to keeping their health in tip-top shape.

Science has uncovered exciting new insights about breed genetics. Join us as we discover and learn more about your cat, and all cats.

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What Kind of Cat Do You Have?

We compare each sample against the largest cat DNA database in the world to better understand your cat’s breed and ancestry.

Breed Groups: Discover which breeds and traits make up your cat’s unique genetic profile.

Wildcat Index: Did your kitty inherit more DNA from a lion or a tiger? Find out!

Health Markers: Learn vital information to help you take control of your cat’s health.

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Discover Your Cat’s DNA Story with A Lifetime of Updates

All it takes is a simple cheek swab to unlock the mystery, and unlike other DNA services, the Basepaws Report is a living, changing document. You will receive a lifetime of updates on your cat’s breed groups for free, and more traits and health markers for an additional fee. As our database grows, so will your understanding of your cat.

Click here to view a Sample Cat DNA Test Report:

A home saliva collection kit is all you need to send your cat’s DNA to the lab.

All from home. No blood. Completely non-invasive – just a small saliva sample, for both Health and Breed tests.

  1. Sign Up. Create an account at and activate your CatKit upon its arrival.
  2. Collect your cat’s DNA sample by gently swabbing the inside of their cheek for 2-5 seconds.
  3. Secure your sample within the return shipping box and mail it back to the lab.
  4. Receive Report. Your report is ready 4-6 weeks from when we receive your sample.

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How Does a Cat DNA Test Work?

As soon as your kitty’s cheek swab sample arrives at the laboratory, we set to work on extracting the DNA and starting the discovery of what makes your cat special. Did you know that your cat’s DNA contains more than 20,000 genes? What’s more, they’re spelled out in a unique genetic code that’s around 2,700,000,000 letters (nucleotide bases) long. Basepaws uses state-of-the-art sequencing machines to read and record these letters. We then compile the results into a one-of-a-kind report packed full of valuable information about your cat’s unique genetic profile.

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What Does the Cat DNA Test Reveal?

We compare your cat’s DNA sequence to sequences from other Basepaws cats and the scientific community. Some sections of DNA contain genes that have already been studied and are linked to specific diseases or physical traits. Other sections of DNA contain genes that are currently unknown. And that’s where the meowgic comes in – our mission is to unlock those secrets. Every kitty we sequence brings us one step closer to identifying the purpose of these mystery genes and why they matter for all cats.
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Which Breeds Does It Include?

The breed groups included in our Basepaws Cat DNA report are now broken down into 4 categories: Western (from Europe/Americas), Eastern (from Asia), Persian (Persian and related cats) and Exotic (hybrids and Egyptian Mau). Your cat will more dominantly belong to ONE of these groups. Within the dominant breed group, we rank the breeds in the order of genetic similarity to your cat – the first breed being the one your kitty is MOST similar to of ALL the included breeds. Currently, the Basepaws Cat DNA report includes the following breeds:

Western breeds:

  1. Abyssinian
  2. American Shorthair
  3. Maine Coon
  4. Norwegian Forest Cat
  5. Ragdoll
  6. Russian Blue
  7. Siberian Forest Cat
  8. Turkish Angora
  9. Turkish Van

Eastern breeds:

  1. Thai Siamese
  2. Burmese
  3. Birman
  4. Oriental Shorthair
  5. Peterbald

Persian breeds:

  1. British Shorthair
  2. Himalayan
  3. Exotic Shorthair
  4. Persian

Exotic breeds:

  1. Bengal (Asian leopard x domestic)
  2. Savannah (serval x domestic)
  3. Egyptian Mau

In the near future, as our database expands, we will be adding more breeds to the breed report. As the existing breed genetic profiles are constantly being refined, the similarity percentages for each breed you see now may slightly shift with each update we release.

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What Inherited Diseases are Covered?

The Basepaws health report is the section of the Cat DNA report which tests your cat for a number of genetic mutations, which correspond to 17 prevalent genetic diseases in cats. The complete list of genetic conditions currently included in the health report are as follows:

  1. Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome
  2. Cystinuria
  3. Factor XII deficiency
  4. Gangliosidosis
  5. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  6. Hypokalemic periodic paralysis
  7. Hypothyroidism
  8. Mannosidosis
  9. Mucopolysaccharidosis
  10. Myotonia
  11. Niemann-Pick disease
  12. Polycystic kidney disease
  13. Porphyria
  14. Primary hyperoxaluria
  15. Pyruvate kinase deficiency of erythrocyte
  16. Retinal degeneration
  17. Vitamin D-deficiency rickets

We are continually updating our Basepaws Cat DNA Reports in parallel to our database growth, so the list of genetic conditions we include will likely change in the future. As we gather more data, our reports will evolve to be more accurate, comprehensive and detailed.

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Ordering Your Basepaws Cat DNA Test from the UK

Your order will be placed directly with Basepaws, Inc. and will be subject to their Terms of Service which can be viewed on their website before ordering.

Orders are fulfilled by Basepaws, Inc. and will be dispatched from the United States. The prepaid reply envelope included in the kit is valid within the United States only. Return postage must be paid for samples being submitted to Basepaws from outside the United States.

All correspondence regarding your order must be directed to Basepaws, Inc.
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