We offer a wide range of ancestry DNA tests which cover every aspect of discovering your heritage whether you want to find out which populations around the world share your DNA with the Ancestral Origins test, a breakdown by percentage with the DNA Origins™ test or to trace your roots back 60,000-150,000 years to discover your paternal lineage or maternal haplogroups.

We also offer well established ancestry and genealogy tests from Living DNA and MyHeritage.

Please see below for more information about our ancestry DNA kits and discover your past.


DNA OriginsTM (Only €159)

Our DNA Origins genetic ancestry test determines your bio-geographical ancestry and can provide you with a better understanding of your genetic origins. It is a useful starting point for tracing your ancestors and learning more about where you are from. (read more…)


Paternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test (Only €129)

Our Paternal Lineage Ancestry Test traces your roots back to mankind’s origins, in the earliest part of human history, to determine your paternal haplogroup affiliation. (read more…)


Maternal Lineage Ancestry DNA Test (Only €159)

Your Maternal Lineage Ancestry Test results will include a personalised map detailing the origin of your maternal ancestors, your maternal haplogroup and details about which celebrities share the same maternal haplogroup as you. (read more…)


GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test (Only €139)

The advanced GPS Origins™ Ancestry Testing service will assist you in your quest to discover your true heritage. (read more…)