Maternity DNA Test

Only €169 with results in 3-5 working days

A Maternity DNA Test is used to confirm the biological relationship between a mother and her child or children. The test offers extremely high levels of accuracy, leaving no doubts. The test for 2 individuals (alleged mother and child) starts from €169 with results concluded and emailed within just 3-5 working days from when your DNA samples reach the laboratory.

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How Does Our Maternity DNA Test Work?

A child inherits 50% of their genes from his or her mother. This simple genetic principle makes maternity DNA testing possible.  By simply comparing the DNA profile of an alleged mother and a child, we can establish with a high degree of accuracy whether the tested mother is the biological mother of a child. Results of a maternity test will provide more than 99.99% accurate results if the tested mother is the biological mother and a 0% probability if she is not.

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Why Would I Need a Maternity Test?

There are many reasons why people need to use Maternity DNA Testing such as:

  • In cases of immigration, results of a maternity test can act as proof of the relationship between mother and child
  • Cases of IVF where couples want to seek reassurance that the intended embryo was implanted
  • Adoption – children given up for adoption earlier in life and reunited with their biological mother later may want conclusive proof
  • Surrogacy, to confirm that the donor is the biological mother, not the surrogate
  • A suspected hospital mix-up at birth

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Peace of Mind DNA Maternity Testing

For peace of mind or information purposes we recommend our home maternity test. The cost includes testing mother and child. It is possible to test additional children at the same time at an additional cost of €100 per child. Samples are collected using our home DNA sample collection kit which will be sent to you as soon as your order has been processed. Results of a peace of mind maternity DNA test are not legally admissible and are for information purposes only.

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Legal Maternity Testing for Court and Immigration Purposes

For court admissible results we recommend our legal maternity test. For this test, the samples will need to be collected by an independent sampler and a strict procedure known as a “chain of custody” must be followed. Results for legal DNA testing are notarised by the laboratory notary. The notarised results report we provide can be presented in court as evidence of a biological relationship and can also be used to support a visa or passport application. Click here for more information about Legal DNA Testing.