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DNA testing is a common occurrence on television crime and forensics shows. By checking certain parts of a person’s DNA, it’s possible to discover their own unique DNA makeup, which isn’t replicated in anybody else’s in the world, apart from in the case of identical twins. As unique as your fingerprints, your DNA Profile proves who you are and makes a great keepsake too.

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Why Would I Need A DNA Profile?

There are all sorts of reasons why someone would choose to order their DNA Profile. One of the most common reasons is to establish identity, for example, when the paternity of a child is in doubt. Ideally, the DNA for the mother, child and potential father should all be tested using a Paternity DNA Test, but it is possible to check the paternity without having access to the mother’s DNA, if necessary.

In instances where there is a will, estate or inheritance dispute, a DNA profile can be used to provide evidence of a biological relationship. DNA evidence may sometimes be needed in the case of immigration disputes too.

Because every profile is completely unique, many customers choose DNA profiling as a gift to celebrate a milestone event or anniversary. The completed profile can be beautifully presented as a lasting work of art to treasure for ever. Please click here to find out more about DNA Art Portraits.

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Legal DNA Profile

Where a DNA Profile is to be presented as evidence in a Court of Law, a special Legal Test is available at a cost of €239. The only way in which this test differs from the standard informational version, is that samples must be collected by an independent third party, usually a doctor or nurse, who will verify ID and ensure that a chain of custody is maintained to guarantee that the samples have not been tampered with and that the resulting DNA profile is definitely from the person in question.

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Does It Hurt?

No. The test is completely non-invasive and can be undertaken quickly and easily in the comfort and privacy of your own home, except in the case of the Legal Test, which must be completed by a professional medical practitioner in accordance with legal chain of custody guidelines. Sample collection using a mouth swab is painless and easy to perform.

We send out detailed instructions with every DNA sample collection kit to ensure that the process is as simple and straightforward as possible. When you are ready to perform your test, simply open the package that we send to you and complete the swabs for yourself, and for any other family members who are being tested. Don’t forget to fill in the form and sign to give us consent to analyse your DNA. Then simply post your swabs back to us for analysis, which typically takes between three and five days from the date that we receive your samples.

Our laboratory has ISO 17025 accreditation, which means that it is run and managed according to strict government guidelines, to provide you with absolute peace of mind throughout the process.

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Will My DNA Profile Be Completely Unique?

Every single person has a completely unique DNA profile, except in the case of identical twins. This means that the profile test can confirm whether twins are identical or fraternal.

If you choose to have your profile made into a piece of artwork, you can rest assured that nobody else in the world will have the exact same design as you do, making it an absolute ‘one off’ and a piece to treasure for ever. Please click here to find out more about DNA Art Portraits.