Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test

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Our Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test is a fast and effective way of determining whether or not your dog has the potential to develop Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) or pass it on to any offspring.

EIC is a syndrome that is only recently getting the attention it deserves, but is devastating, whether you wanted to breed from your dog, or it’s simply a beloved family pet. Even if your dog shows no signs of EIC, you need to be sure it’s not carrying the gene passively, because if mated with another passive carrier, the puppies could have EIC. Our Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test gives you peace of mind, and even if your dog is suffering collapses, but does not have the EIC gene, you will have ruled out a major cause and your vet can focus on other reasons for the dog’s ill health.

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What Causes EIC?

Exercise Induced Collapse is caused by a defect in the nervous system and the tendency to develop EIC is inherited.

However, it can appear in any dog, because if the dog carries the mutated gene, and it is mated with a carrier which also has the mutation, 25% of the puppies in the litter are likely to be affected.

The recessive marker we test for is dynamin 1 (DNM1).

We can test any dog for EIC, but it is not found in all breeds. We do not have information on whether this is a significant cause of Exercise Induced Collapse in breeds not included in the list below:

  • Australian Labradoodle
  • Bouvier des Flandres
  • Boykin Spaniel
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Cockapoo
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Curly-Coated Retriever
  • German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Labradoodle
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Old English Sheepdog
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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When Do EIC Attacks Occur?

A dog carrying the EIC gene, but only from one parent, will appear normal. The only way to tell whether the dog is carrying the gene is via the Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test. A dog carrying the gene from both parents may appear normal most of the time. However, when the dog takes part in activities that are a little more strenuous than usual, or very exciting, it may suddenly collapse. So typically, this might be during competition or training, especially if the weather is hot.

The dog’s back legs become weak, and the dog cannot bear its own weight. The dog becomes uncoordinated and may simply collapse. This is sometimes misdiagnosed as epilepsy, because the dog typically recovers quite soon, and does not appear to limp, or to be stiff. However, dogs have died of EIC, so an Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test is an important step in finding out the true cause of the problem.

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How Can the Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test Help?

Breeders face the issue of owners returning puppies or even dogs that are two or three years old, once the EIC problem manifests itself. So, breeders in particular, need to know that all the puppies they are selling are genetically free of the EIC mutation.

People buying puppies who will become working or competition dogs need to be aware that a dog affected by EIC will need to be kept away from exciting and stressful experiences. So, they will be keen to have the assurance of clear EIC testing.

Owners who simply want a pet don’t want the heartbreak of seeing the beloved family dog in distress, so they too will want to know that their puppy has been tested.

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How the Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test Was Developed

In the US, the genetic mutation that causes EIC was identified in 2007. The veterinary researchers divided dogs into three groups:

  1. A dog with two parents with the EIC gene (will probably have EIC episodes and will pass on the mutation)
  2. A dog with one parent with the EIC gene (a carrier who can pass on the mutation but won’t have EIC themselves)
  3. A dog with neither parent having the gene (EIC free and cannot pass the gene on).

Of course, there are some gentle canine souls out there, who have both parents with the gene, but who never exercise to the degree of intensity needed for an EIC to happen.

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How Do I Do the Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test?

Just like a human DNA test, follow these simple steps:

  1. When you order online, we will send you a DNA sample collection kit
  2. Use all the swabs in your kit to collect your dog’s DNA. Just take a swab, rub it firmly against the dog’s inside cheek and then repeat with the other swabs
  3. Wait a few minutes for the swabs to dry, then put them back in the collection envelope provided
  4. Use the addressed envelope provided to send the samples back to us for testing. We recommend using a tracked service such as Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery
  5. We will email you the report within 7 working days

The Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test will give you peace of mind if the dog isn’t affected and, if it is, with one copy of the gene or two, you will be able to plan the best course of action for the dog’s welfare.

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What Will the EIC DNA Test Results Tell You?

The EIC DNA test results will verify one of the 3 possible genotypes for the dog we have tested:

  1. A CLEAR result shows that the dog has inherited two normal genes from its parents and will appear to be normal. The dog will not develop EIC and cannot pass mutated genes on to any offspring.
  2. A CARRIER result indicates that the dog has inherited one normal copy of the gene, and one mutated gene but will appear to be normal. This means that the dog has a 50% likelihood of passing on the condition to offspring, but not of developing the condition itself. Where a potential mate also carries the gene mutation, 25% of the offspring will have 2 copies of the mutation.
  3. An AFFECTED result indicates that the dog has inherited two copies of the mutated gene from its parents and is highly likely to show clinical signs of EIC over the course of its lifetime. It will definitely pass on the mutation to any offspring.

Please click on the image below to view our Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test Result Chart:

Exercise Induced Collapse DNA Test EIC Chart

NOTE: The Exercise Induced Collapse DNA test is not a diagnosis. Only licensed veterinarians can legally diagnose an animal’s disease. The test detects the mutated gene that is associated with the disease and shows many copies of the mutation the dog has. The result of this test can support a vet’s diagnosis, but it is not appropriate to diagnose by the test alone. It is a diagnostic tool, as there are other possible causes of your dog’s symptoms.

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