Semen Detection Test

From only €129 with results in 10 working days

Do you have an item of clothing or bedding which you suspect might have semen on it but have no way of telling? Our Semen Detection Test scientifically establishes the presence of semen with 100% scientific certainty, providing you with the answer you need. Once we receive your sample, we will email you the results within just 10 working days (15 working days if ordering the 3-Step Semen Detection Test, see below for more information).

Please note that we require consent and photographic ID from all parties in order to perform this test. We cannot process any samples submitted without the full consent and ID of all participants.

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Do I Need a Semen Detection Test Kit?

Some companies offer a home testing kit which enables you to detect the presence of semen by adding some chemicals provided in the kit to the semen. These home tests are not as thorough and accurate as our test which is a laboratory based process. Our test does not require a kit. We just need your sample, whether this is a condom, underwear, bed sheets or any other item of clothing or material.

Once you have placed your order we will send forms by email. The form must be printed, completed and returned to us with your sample. Please Contact Us for a quote if you would like to test more than one sample.

We can also send the registration and consent forms by post for a small additional fee. Please select this option during checkout if required.

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How Does the Laboratory Test the Sample?

The laboratory testing process we use will detect as little as 1 μL of human semen and provides hard evidence in cases with a positive result.

The RSID™-Semen test is specific for human semen and has numerous advantages over other methods for semen detection, including increased sensitivity, specificity, and speed. It is the most accurate Semen Detection Test available.

The test will detect the presence of semenogelin which is a protein produced by the seminal vesicles and is responsible for the coagulum associated with ejaculate.

The test will confirm one of two results – no human semen detected or human semen detected.

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Will the RSID™-Semen Test Detect PSA or Sperm Cells?

The RSID™-Semen test will conclusively detect the presence of semenogelin. It will not detect prostate specific antigen (PSA, also known as p30), sperm cells or spermatozoa.

If you specifically want to test for the presence of sperm cells or spermatozoa, please select the 3-Step Semen Detection Test upgrade during checkout. For an additional €35 the laboratory will perform a three-step testing process:

The first step is to perform an acid phosphatase screen. Also known as Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP), this enzyme is produced in the male prostate and if the screening test provides a positive result, scientists will move on to the next two steps to further confirm the presence of semen.

The next step of the test (only carried out following a positive result in the acid phosphatase screen carried out in step one) is the Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA). PSA is a protein produced by the prostate gland and the semen of an adult male contains significant levels of PSA.

The final step is a microscopic analysis process known as the Christmas Tree Stain. This test allows for positive visual identification of sperm cells. The chemicals used dye different parts of the sperm cell (the head and the tail) in different colours resulting in a mix of green and red.

This test will detect whether sperm cells are present but cannot determine sperm count, mobility or quality.

Please allow an additional 5 working days for results when ordering the 3-Step Semen Detection Test.

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What Will My Semen Detection Test Results Look Like?

Our results are extremely brief and simple: we simple state the type of item we tested and whether we have confirmed or excluded the presence of semen.

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Are There Any Other Tests I Can Carry Out?

Following the results of Semen Detection Testing, some of our clients opt for an Infidelity DNA Test if they wish to take their investigation further. Infidelity DNA testing has nothing to do with a semen detection test as its purpose is not to detect semen but to detect DNA. An infidelity DNA test can compare the DNA in the sample you sent us for your semen detection test with the DNA in another sample you sent us, known as a reference sample. By comparing the DNA in the two samples, we can establish if the DNA belongs to the same person or not. If you decide to have infidelity testing following semen detection testing, using the sample we already analysed, you will need to wait an additional 13 working days for the extra DNA testing to be completed.

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Important: Please Bear the Following in Mind:

Semen samples do not always contain enough DNA to carry out an infidelity test, especially if the sample has already been subjected to the chemicals used for our semen detection test. This is why, before using the same sample in an infidelity test, we first check it to ensure there is viable DNA available for analysis.

Results of a semen detection test have no legal validity.

The stained item will be damaged during the testing process and will not usually be returned to you. The analyst will cut out 2-4 1cm square sections of the stained area of material to be tested. Please let us know at the time of ordering if you would like the damaged item returned to you so we can provide a shipping quote.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or to discuss your requirements.

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The UK Human Tissue Act

For customers residing in the United Kingdom, the Human Tissue Act regulates the removal, storage, use and disposal of human tissue. This includes DNA samples and biological material and fluids, including semen. Failure to comply with the Human Tissue Act is a criminal offence.

In order to be compliant, the person to whom the sample belongs must be made aware of how their DNA sample will be used and must give written consent for the test to take place.

Please click here to read more about DNA Testing and The Human Tissue Act.


Due to the nature of this type of test it cannot be ordered via our website. Please contact us for more information or to place an order.