Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

Only €139 with results in 3-5 working days

Unless you have carried out a DNA test, you cannot be 100% certain that twins are identical or fraternal. This is because contrary to popular belief, identical twins do not always look identical. If you need to establish whether twins are monozygotic or dizygotic, we recommend Twin Zygosity DNA Testing. AffinityDNA offer a twin DNA test for just €139 with results emailed in 3-5 working days from receipt of samples.

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The Birth of Twins

We know that at conception, a sperm cell fertilises an ovum forming what is known as a zygote. Usually, one sperm cell fertilises one egg. In some cases however, 2 sperm cells fertilise 2 eggs forming two independent zygotes. In this case, we have fraternal twins. Each twin is conceived from 2 different sperms and 2 different ova, and thus, the genetic data of the resulting zygote will be different. Non-identical twins can look strikingly similar or very different and can be of opposite sexes.

With identical twins, conception is somewhat different: one single sperm fertilises a single ovum and the fertilised egg then splits into two. The 2 resulting zygotes were formed from the same fertilised egg and thus have almost identical copies of DNA.

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Reasons for Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

Whilst sometimes individuals carry out Twin Zygosity DNA Testing just out of curiosity, we also recommend twins DNA testing for the following health reasons.

If you are identical twins you can:

Donate blood to each other since identical twins will have the same blood group

Donate organs to each other with a very low risk of the implanted organ being rejected. The recipient of the organ will not need any immunosuppressants (a class of drugs that suppress the body’s immune system) as the body of the twin receiving the organ does not perceive the implanted organ as foreign but rather as if it were one if its own organs.

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Sample Collection for Our Twin DNA Test

At AffinityDNA we make the DNA testing experience simple and stress-free. This is why we have created a home DNA sample collection kit with which you can collect samples at home. Our DNA kits contain a pair of sterile mouth swabs for each twin, consent forms, simple step-by-step instructions as well as a pre-addressed envelope for returning the samples to our laboratory.

Our twin test starts at just €139 with results ready and emailed to your inbox in just 3-5 working days. We also offer an Express Testing option for this test at an additional cost. With express testing, you will receive your results in 2 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

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