Home DNA Paternity Test

Only €169 with results in 3-5 working days

Our Home DNA Paternity Test is a fast and discreet way of establishing whether an alleged father is the biological father of a child. Unlike some other DNA testing companies, our test uses a 21 genetic marker profile for higher levels of accuracy and reliability which translates into peace of mind for our clients.

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Confidential Home DNA Paternity Test Results in 3-5 days

Taking a Home DNA Paternity Test is not an easy decision. Leaving your test in the hands of an experienced DNA testing company will help to ease the process. Our customer support team is not only trained to help our clients understand all they need to know about paternity testing but also to ensure every test is concluded successfully and without delay.

Our results will be ready in just 3-5 working days starting from when we receive your samples. Our strict administrative procedures means you will be updated by email as soon as we receive your samples. We will also give you the results due date.

As part of our streamlined process, we issue results by email to avoid any of the delays that could potentially take place by using postal mail. We do also offer the option of having a hard copy of your results posted for a small additional fee.

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Get Your Home DNA Paternity Testing Kit Today

Our Home DNA Paternity Testing Kit for alleged father child costs €169. We do not charge for the mother’s sample and we can test additional children or fathers, should it be required, for €100 each. Please Contact Us should you have any questions or to place an order.

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Highest Levels of Accuracy

A paternity test is the only means of conclusively knowing whether a man is the true biological father of a child. The extremely high levels of accuracy and the reliability of DNA testing means that Home DNA Paternity Tests offer you the opportunity to get conclusive and definite results.

A paternity test will provide one of two outcomes:

The tested father IS the biological father of the child. The results will show a probability of paternity which shows how likely it is that the tested man is the biological father. In this case, our results will be more than 99.99% accurate.

The tested father IS NOT the biological father of the child. The results will show a probability of paternity of 0%.

Please visit our How to Understand Your DNA Test Results page for a more detailed explanation of how to interpret your results and to view example reports.

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Home DNA Paternity Test Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be confident in your choice of DNA testing company and are the only provider to offer a Money Back Guarantee on our paternity test with mother. If you purchase your test from our website and test an alleged father, mother and child (or children) we guarantee a conclusive “yes-or-no” result or we will give your money back. Keep reading to find out why including the mother in a paternity test increases accuracy and why we always recommend it if possible.

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Paternity Testing with or Without the Mother

Most of our paternity tests are performed with just the samples of the father and child. This makes testing very convenient for our clients as it is often not possible to get hold of the mother’s DNA sample. The results for a motherless paternity test are also very accurate providing a result of more than 99.9% if the tested father is the biological father and 0% if he is not.

Including the mother will help to provide a more accurate result because the laboratory analysts can identify the genetic markers that the child has inherited from the mother, remove them from the equation and work solely with the genetic markers the child has inherited from his or her biological father.

Results reports for a paternity test including the mother will show a figure in excess of 99.999% if the tested man is the true biological father and 0% if he is not.

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DNA Samples Ready in Just a Few Minutes

There are no complicated sample collection procedures. We have designed our kits to enable you to collect DNA samples in a few minutes using the straightforward step-by-step instructions provided in our kit. Click here to learn how to make your own kit.

We provide 2 mouth swabs per person. You just need to rub the swabs inside the mouth and then allow them to dry. The kits will also contain consent and sample submission forms which must be completed, signed and returned to us with the DNA samples.

For a more details guide on what your kit will contain and how you will collect your samples, visit our How to Collect DNA Samples page.

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We Offer Legal Paternity Testing

Once you have the results of a home paternity test, you may wish to proceed with a legal DNA paternity test. Home paternity tests have no legal validity since the test participants themselves are those responsible for collecting samples and there is no evidence that they have been collected from the correct individuals. In a legal DNA test, samples are collected by an independent third party. Whilst results of a legal test will stand up in court, results of home test are only for your own peace of mind. For more about court admissible testing, visit out Legal DNA Testing page or Contact Us.

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The Human Tissue Act

The Human Tissue Act regulates the removal, storage, use and disposal of human tissue. This includes DNA samples and biological material and fluids, including semen. Failure to comply with the Human Tissue Act is a criminal offence. In order to be compliant, the sample donor must be made aware of how their DNA sample will be used and must give written consent for the test to take place.

Please click here to read more about DNA Testing and The Human Tissue Act.