Y Chromosome Test (Y-DNA)

Only €269 with results in 8-10 working days

The Y Chromosome Test, or Y-DNA test, will enable male relatives to establish whether they have the same biological father or share a common paternal line. Our test is extremely accurate because The Y chromosome is passed almost unchanged from father to son to grandson and can be used to trace back one, long direct paternal line.

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Y Chromosome Testing Instead of Paternity Testing

If two or more males need to scientifically establish whether they share the same father, a Y chromosome test will provide the answer. Two males that share the same Y chromosome profile can also conclude that they share the same biological father (or a genetic paternal relative such as a grandfather). AffinityDNA’s Y chromosome test is ideal if you cannot opt for our Home Paternity Test which requires a direct comparison of the alleged father’s DNA and the DNA of his male child/children.

Our Y chromosome test uses a 10 genetic marker profile to confirm or exclude whether males tested share a common paternal relative.

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Y Chromosome Testing in Forensic Analysis

Because the Y chromosome is the defining chromosome of the male sex, carried exclusively by males and encoding all attributes which result in “maleness”, it can also be used in forensic investigations to confirm whether a DNA sample found at a crime scene or in a missing person investigation contains male DNA. The Y chromosome profile found in a sample can also be compared to any suspects to confirm or exclude they belong to the same person.

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Sending Your DNA Samples Takes Just 5 Minutes

Yes, it really does take just 5 minutes of your time.  We have kept things as simple as possible, creating an easy-to-use home DNA sample collection kit which will be sent to your chosen address. You kit will contain:

  • 2 mouth swabs per person. Mouth swabs need to just be rubbed inside the mouth to collect the DNA we require for your test
  • Sample submission forms. Here you just have some quick paper work for you to fill out. You will need to send these forms back to us with your samples.
  • Step-by-step instructions explaining in just a few sentences the steps to follow to collect your DNA samples
  • Self-addressed envelope to make returning your samples back to us just a matter of fixing a postage stamp

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Getting Your Y Chromosome Test

Our Y chromosome test is available for only €269 with results in 8-10 working days.

Note that our result turnaround time starts from when we receive your samples. As soon as samples are received, we will send out an email with your result due date.

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What the Y-DNA Test Cannot Do

All males from the same paternal blood line have the same Y chromosome. Because the Y chromosome is identical between all related males, the results of a Y chromosome cannot tell you the relationship between the males tested. You will need to draw your own conclusions based upon the result of the test and what you aim to discover.

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Discover Your Paternal Origins

We offer a deep ancestry, paternal lineage test which will trace your patrilineal ancestry thousands of years back, exclusively taking your ancestry from your father’s side. This test is possible because of unique inheritance pattern we see with the Y chromosome which makes Y chromosome testing a very powerful tool amongst genealogists. It can be used to map the migration paths of one’s paternal ancestors and establish their very own Y chromosome haplogroup affiliation. For more details about this important genealogical tool, visit our Paternal Lineage page.