Relationship DNA tests are often used to determine paternity when the alleged father is deceased, unavailable or unwilling to take part in a test but relatives such as the alleged father’s brother, sister, parents or the child’s sibling are available.

A paternity test would provide more conclusive results but can only be carried out if we can obtain DNA samples from the alleged father.

Please see below for more information about the relationship tests we offer including a sibling DNA testing kit, twin DNA testing, DNA testing for grandparents, a DNA test for aunt or uncle and our maternity DNA test.

Y chromosome testing, or Y-DNA testing, will confirm whether two males are from the same paternal line while a mitochondrial DNA test, or mtDNA test, will confirm if two participants (male or female) are from the same maternal line.

We also offer Surrogacy DNA testing for situations that require a DNA test for an IVF baby or for adoption and a genetic reconstruction DNA test that can be used to establish paternity or maternity when the alleged father or mother is not available.

Please see below for more information about all our relationship DNA tests.

Note importante

Nos sites Web en français sont destinés au public francophone du monde entier. Cependant, vous devez connaître les lois et réglementations relatives à ces tests dans votre pays de résidence avant de passer commande. Certains de nos tests ADN ne pourront pas être vendus en France car la loi Française l’interdit. Contactez votre avocat si vous avez des doutes.


Sibling DNA Test (Only €269)

A Sibling DNA Test will confirm whether you and another individual share a biological parent (usually the father). Sibling DNA testing starts at only €269 with results available in just 5 working days.  The cost of the DNA testing service includes two siblings, but you may add more as required. (read more…)


Aunt and Uncle DNA Test (Avuncular Testing) (Only €269)

The Aunt and Uncle DNA Test, also known as Avuncular testing, is performed when individuals wish to confirm a biological relationship between aunts and/or uncles and their nieces or nephews. Our Avuncular DNA test starts at €269 with results sent by email in 5 working days. (read more…)


Grandparent DNA Test (Only €299)

Our Grandparent DNA Test will help establish the genetic relationship between a grandchild and his or her grandparents. We offer grandparent DNA testing using the DNA samples from the grandmother, grandfather and the grandchild. (read more…)


Twin Zygosity DNA Testing (Only €139)

If you need to establish whether twins are monozygotic or dizygotic, we recommend Twin Zygosity DNA Testing. AffinityDNA offer a twin DNA test for just €139 with results emailed in 3-5 working days from receipt of samples. (read more…)


Mitochondrial DNA Test (Only €329)

Everyone shares the same Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) with their mother, maternal grandmother, maternal great mother and so on. If you need scientific proof that yourself and another individual share a common maternal ancestor, our Mitochondrial DNA Test (mtDNA test) will provide you with the clear-cut answer you need. (read more…)


Y Chromosome Test (Y-DNA) (Only €269)

The Y chromosome (Y-DNA) test will enable male relatives to establish whether they have the same biological father or share a common paternal line. Our test is extremely accurate because The Y chromosome is passed almost unchanged from father to son to grandson and can be used to trace back one, long direct paternal line. (read more…)


Maternity DNA Test (Only €169)

A Maternity DNA Test is used to confirm the biological relationship between a mother and her child or children. The test offers extremely high levels of accuracy, leaving no doubts. The test for 2 individuals (alleged mother and child) starts from €179 with results concluded and emailed within just 3-5 working days from when your DNA samples reach the laboratory. (read more…)

DNA Test for Surrogacy (€ Contact Us)

A DNA Test for Surrogacy will provide parents with the evidence they need to prove that they are the biological parent or parents of the child. Please Contact Us in complete confidence to discuss your requirements so we can recommend the appropriate relationship DNA Test. (read more…)


Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test (Only €359)

Our Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test offers an alternative to paternity testing in situations where the child’s alleged father cannot be tested. This test is offered for both peace of mind and legal purposes. Our peace of mind genetic reconstruction test starts at just €359. (read more…)