We offer cat DNA tests that will help you take care of your beloved feline’s health by detecting possible intolerances and genetic diseases.

Please see below for details of our range Cat DNA tests.


Cat Intolerance Test (Only €85)

The Cat Intolerance Test determines your cat’s sensitivity and intolerance to 148 food and 52 environmental and artificial allergens. (read more…)


PKD DNA Test for Cats (Only €60)

The PKD DNA Test for Cats is a fast and effective way of determining whether or not your cat has the mutated gene known to cause Polycystic Kidney Disease, or is likely to pass it on to any offspring. (read more…)


CatCheck (Feline) Genetic Disease Test (Only €139)

The CatCheck Genetic Disease Test is an easy-to-use feline DNA test that screens for more than 75 genetic diseases, blood groups, and genetic traits.

The CatCheck Genetic Disease Test is Not Available. (read more…)