Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test

Only €359 with results in 7 working days

Our Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test offers an alternative to paternity testing in situations where the child’s alleged father cannot be tested. This test is offered for both peace of mind and legal purposes. Our peace of mind genetic reconstruction test starts at just €359. There are no hidden fees.

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2 Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test Options Available

A genetic reconstruction test always requires a minimum of 4 test participants.

  • You can test 2 biological relatives* of the alleged father, the child (whose paternity is being determined) and the child’s mother
  • You can test 3 biological relatives of the untested alleged father and the child

*What Do We Mean by Biological Relatives?

Biological relatives refers to all relatives who are genetically related to the alleged father. It is important to note that for this test we require DNA samples from first-degree relatives which are the father’s closest blood relatives and includes his parents, full siblings (brothers and sisters) or children. This is because we share far more common DNA with our first degree relatives than with our second degree relatives (such grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles) or third degree relatives (such as cousins and great-grandparents).

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Comparing DNA Amongst Biological Relatives

All individuals who are related by blood will share common DNA markers. Depending on how closely they are related, the amount of shared DNA will vary – e.g. siblings will share far more DNA than first cousins. In a genetic reconstruction test we compare the DNA of the child to that of his or her paternal relatives. We know that if the individuals tested are truly related, they will all share common DNA markers. If the child and the alleged father’s genetic relatives share common DNA, this would strongly indicate that the child is the untested alleged father’s biological child.

AffinityDNA DNA Helix Icon Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test

Alternative Tests If You Are Unable to Carry Out a Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test

A genetic reconstruction DNA test is sometimes not the easiest for our clients to complete due to the number of DNA samples required. Often it is not possible to get hold of DNA samples from all the required test participants. In such cases there are some other options to consider:

Testing the Child’s Grandparents: If both paternal grandparents are available and willing to be tested you could consider a Grandparent DNA Test. For this test, DNA samples from both grandparents are required. Grandparent DNA testing will confirm whether the tested grandparents are biologically related to their grandchild. The test results will show the probability of relationship between grandmother and grandchild and grandfather and grandchild.

Y Chromosome Testing: The same Y chromosome is shared amongst all males from the same paternal line. This means that is cases where two male relatives are involved and their aim is to find out if they share a common paternal line, they can carry out a Y Chromosome Test.

For other tests you may be able to use to indirectly establish paternity, please visit our Relationship DNA Testing page or Contact Us for more advice.